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Are pets allowed?

For the safety of our guests. we require pets be contained in their proper cages/carriers for the duration of their stay, regardless of their size.

Are props guns allowed?

Prop guns must be checked in with our Site Rep on the day of production and be accompanied by a licensed professional and handler.

May I use an alternative form of payment as my security deposit?

Security deposits must be in cash only, no exceptions. Shooting may not commence until deposit has been surrendered to Site Rep.

May we smoke on site?

Smoking is allowed in our parking lot, but not in our facility.


Nope. Not in any of its many forms.

How do overtime charges work?

Overtime begins one minute after the initial contract expires & is at CineSpaces’ discretion. Hour long increments are available only. Please book accordingly to allow time for clean up & load out, as you will be charged for time spent on the premises, regardless of whether you’re shooting.

Are minors allowed on site?

Yes, we require each child 10 and under to be accompanied by an adult at all times & stationed in our lounge. This is for the safety of your little ones. Although it is used as a film location, it is still a warehouse.

May we drink?

No alcohol or drugs may be possessed or consumed on or near the facility. If this rule is broken, CineSpaces reserves the right to end your production immediately and will not be entitled to a refund.

What is a Site Rep & does my production need them?

Our trained Site Reps are intimately familiar with the building and are a vital safety and time saving tool. We encourage you to include one with your booking. However, in order to save on costs, we do not require one on site at all times.